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Are you Getting the Best Enhanced Odds?

Reading the odds at various sports betting sites is not easy, as they can be shown in 3 different ways and every site lists different odds. So, how can you know if you’re getting a good deal if or if you’re being ripped off by the bookie? You don’t have to be ripped off any more, as there some simple things you can do to make sure you are getting fair odds and not over-exaggerated or under-exaggerated odds.


1. Compare Odds

The one thing that everyone can do which is very easy is to compare odds between different betting sites. This is a sure way to see how the odds you are being offered match up to the average for that specific game. If your odds are worse than others that are offered, use a different site for that bet and avoid getting cheated out of your fair winnings if the bet is successful. Visit to get the best odds on the upcoming events and matches

2. Use a Bet Exchange

Bet exchanges are different than traditional betting sites. Rather than having a bookie who will cut their fee from the winnings, betting exchanges set bettors against each other and charge a small transaction fee. This means that odds will not be tampered with to add some money for the bookies. Instead, they will be more pure and should usually be more in your favor.

3. Calculate the Vigorish

Using a few simple calculations you can change the odds you see into percentage format. This allows you to see how much overround is being charged by bookies. If you do this, you’ll see that the numbers are always over 100%. However much higher than 100% they are, this is the overround amount. Go for sites that offer a smaller overround if you want to win bigger.