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Basketball Betting

Basketball Betting

by October 2, 2016 Guide

When it comes to sports betting basketball is another popular major sport to choose from. It is very easy to learn how to bet on basketball. Just like football, basketball betting uses a point spread for wagering on teams along with an over/under number. S if you are familiar with betting on football then basketball betting will be even easier to get the hang of.


Betting on totals is the second most popular betting type in basketball. It is an over/under bet or the combined score of the two teams that you pick. There will be a posted number and you as the bettor will decide if you think the score will be over the posted number or under the posted number. So for example if the number was 186 bettors that wagered over would win if the number came out to 187 or greater and bettors wagering under would win if the score totaled 185 or less. If the bet comes out to the exact number posted then it is considered a tie or a push and no one wins any money.

Money Line Wagers and Point Spread

Point spread betting is the most common betting type in basketball. This is a handicap which a sportsbook places on one of the teams to make the teams more equal when betting. In a point spread bet the favorite team is the team that is predicted to win and the underdog is the team that is predicted to lose. The predicted winning team lays points to the predicted losing team for betting reasons. Point spread bets have 11-10 odds. Money line wagers are betting which team you think will win without using the point spread. With money line betting you are sometimes asked to wager considerably more than you would win just because certain teams are given a 50% or more chance of winning.

Teasers and Parlays

There are several other betting options in basketball besides the more popular ones. These include teasers and parlays. In parlays bettors will have an option to bet against the point spread or to use the money line. Teasers are based off of the point spread but the players are given options to change the spread in the favor. A big thing about betting teasers and parlays is that all of your chosen teams must win their games or else you whole bet is lost. So even if 5 out of your 6 teams win you would still lose the bet.

Betting on basketball can be great fun. It takes a little getting used to if you are new to the world of sports betting. If you have some experience in other sports like football then you are already half way there because betting in basketball is very similar. There are several different betting options that you can choose from in basketball betting. You are sure to find something that works for you and your personal playing style after you get the hang of the basics.