2018–19 NBA Season Odds

2018–19 NBA Season OddsThe NBA (National Basketball Association) is the main professional basketball league in the USA. It consists of 30 teams, with 1 coming from Canada and the rest 29 coming from the USA. The NBA is widely regarded as the best basketball league in the world, with the players being the top-paid athletes per annual salary in the world.

The league was found in 1946 as BAA, short for Basketball Association of America. After the merging with the National Basketball League in 1949, the league adopted its current name. Not 20 years later, the league’s faced a threat with the formation of the ABA (American Basketball Association). Many of the NBA’s leading players at the time made the jump to the ABA, including Rick Barry and Julies Erving. The NBA didn’t sit idle – the league rapidly expanded from 9 to 18 teams in the span of just a few years, and with the declining TV ratings and low attendance, the ABA was forced to merge with the NBA, creating the league we know today. The merger also saw the NBA add the highly successful 3-point shot the ABA introduced previously.

Since the merger, the NBA’s popularity skyrocketed. It soon became the world’s best basketball league, featuring the best players basketball has ever seen. The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the USA and around the world as well, which has brought a lot of money to the teams and players.

The most successful team in the NBA are the Boston Celtics with 17 titles, most of them coming in the 1950s and 60s. The Los Angeles Lakers are second on the list with 16 titles and further 15 Finals losses. The Los Angeles team has appeared in 31 Finals (most of all teams) and is a huge market which attracts the best players. However, both teams have not fared great in recent times, with the Golden State Warriors dominating the league.

With 3 titles in the past 4 seasons and players such as Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and new addition DeMarcus Cousins, the Warriors are once more the heavy title favourites. They are one of the most dominant teams in the history of the NBA, maybe even in front of Michael Jordan’s perfect Bulls from the 90s. There aren’t many teams which can challenge the Warriors in the upcoming season, with bookies and experts making them the clear favourite for the title.

A Threepeat on The Horizon for The Warriors?

2018–19 NBA Season OddsThe Warriors brought the title to San Francisco in 2015 for the first time since 1975, when the Stephen Curry-led team fought off LeBron James’ Cavaliers for the title, sparking a four-year Finals run between the two teams. The Cavaliers managed to snatch the title away from the Warriors only once (2016), with the Warriors winning on 3 occasions.

With the addition of Kevin Durant who signed for the Warriors in the summer of 2016, Golden State has become a juggernaut that is yet to be stopped. They have quality players on every position and the team is perfectly coached by Steve Kerr, a 5-time NBA champion. They are widely considered to be the best superteam in the history of the NBA, and with the addition of center DeMarcus Cousins, it seems that there’s really no team that can beat them to the title.

Bookies have made sure there’s no one even close to the Warriors for the upcoming season. They are given odds of 8/15 at Genting Bet, and 4/7 at SportPesa, 10Bet, and Ole777. This is only a reflection of what most fans and experts think. Even with LeBron James coming to the hugely talented and young Lakers and Houston (probably) adding Carmelo Anthony to their roster, the Warriors’ masterstroke of adding DeMarcus Cousins to their team brings them into pole position for a three-peat.

The odds are not really enticing for punters, though, so if you don’t think that the Warriors will win the title (and the NBA always has a trick in its sleeve), you’re better off looking elsewhere.

A New Lakers Dynasty?

2018–19 NBA Season OddsLeBron James, the best player in the NBA and arguably the best of all time, left the Cavaliers and signed for the Lakers this summer in a move that didn’t shock many. The LeBron-to-Lakers chatter started a lot of time ago, so it was only a matter of time before he signed in California. The move caused a massive shift in power in the Eastern Conference, where the Celtics are now favourites. It also rocked the West, with the Lakers’ chances of a title skyrocketing as soon as James put his signature on the contract.

With a great young core and LeBron’s leadership, the Lakers have a shot at a new title in their collection, although most experts don’t see it happening this year. Still, bookies are giving them great odds – you can back the Lakers up at 9/1 (Genting Bet) and 8/1 (Ole777, 10Bet, SportPesa).

These odds are certainly much more attractive to punters. With young players such as Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, and Lonzo Ball and veterans in LeBron James and Rajon Rondo, the Lakers won’t make things easy for the Warriors. If you think they have a shot at the title this year, backing the Lakers up could bring you a nice sum of money for a reasonable bet.

Can the Rockets Beat the Warriors?

2018–19 NBA Season OddsThe only real challenge the Warriors had last year was the Western Conference Finals series, where they were pushed to 7 games by the impressive Houston Rockets. If Chris Paul wasn’t injured, who knew what would have happened. The Rockets failed in Game 7 and the stage was set for a new Warriors title.

This year, however, experts consider the Rockets an even bigger (and maybe the sole) threat to the Golden State Warriors. After re-signing Chris Paul and adding players such as Carmelo Anthony (all but confirmed), they will certainly be tough opponents for the whole league. This is reflected in their odds at major bookies. The Rockets are sitting just behind the Warriors, being given odds of 13/2 at Genting Bet, and 7/1 at SportPesa, 10Bet, and Ole777.

This means that even though the difference between them and the Warriors is big odds-wise, they do have the manpower and quality to beat the San Francisco superteam. If you think the same, placing a bet on the Rockets can bring you a small fortune.

A New Threat Rising in The East?

2018–19 NBA Season OddsLeading the NBA in titles means that the appetite is always high for the Boston Celtics. They had that in mind last summer when the team signed Gordon Hayward and traded for Kyrie Irving in a move that shocked many. Now, the Celtics didn’t have the season they were hoping for due to injuries to their two new starters, but they still pushed the Cavaliers to seven games in the East Finals, eventually not being able to stop LeBron James.

This year, things will be different once Hayward and Irving slide back into the starting line-up. With LeBron moving West, the Celtics are a sure bet for the top spot in the Eastern Conference and widely tipped to play the Warriors in the NBA Finals. Fans expect it and experts and bookies know it, giving the Celtics odds of 13/2 (Genting Bet) and 6/1 (SportPesa, 10Bet, Ole777). This gives the Celtics about the same chances for the title as the Houston Rockets, which means we’re in for an exciting new season of NBA action.