The 76th Golden Globe Awards 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

golden globe awardsWe’re only a month removed from the second most prestigious annual award show that recognizes excellence in film and television – the Golden Globes. The 76th Golden Globe Awards will be held at the Beverley Hilton on 6th January 2019, with a number of major celebrities gracing the red carpet.

The Golden Globes date back to 1944. The accolades for excellence in TV and film achievement are bestowed by 93 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The award show takes place before the Oscars each year and is considered the second most prestigious award show of this type.

The Golden Globes betting favourites for the 76th edition are the Bradley Cooper-directed musical drama A Star Is Born and the comedy-drama Vice which explores the life of former American VP Dick Cheney. The movies have 5 and 6 nominations respectively and are widely expected to collect a lot of globes.

That is not to say that the competition won’t be tough. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty close, especially in the individual categories. The Golden Globes odds for the 75th edition of the ceremony have put legendary Hollywood actors and actresses against each other, with the difference in odds between the top favourites being tiny in some cases. The ceremony is also attractive for punters since there are different markets and odds which promise good payouts.

A Star Is Born is widely expected to end up with more than a few Golden Globes. Experts expect the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga drama to dominate the Oscars as well, but Adam McKay’s Vice isn’t too far behind. Bookies have presented great odds in all categories for the upcoming Golden Globes, so if you were planning to stake on the show, now’s the time.

Event Date: 6 January 2019

Will A Star Is Born Win Best Drama Picture?

Who could have known that a remake could dominate the box office in 2018? After spending several years in developmental hell, Bradley Cooper signed to direct the 4th remake of A Star Is Born. The movie was (and still is) a hit. It dominated box offices around the world and was praised for the great performances by Gaga and Cooper. There’s been heavy talk about it dominating the Oscars as well. However, its performance at the Golden Globes may end up influencing its performance at the Oscars.

A Star Is Born is leading the list of favourites in the Best Drama Picture Category. SportPesa and Fun88 have given it odds of 2/9, while EnergyBet and LV BET have it available at 2/7. Compared to the other nominees, these odds are pretty low. Punters won’t like this fact, but such low odds indicate that the drama will probably win with a landslide of votes.

However, we strongly suggest looking at the other options. If Beal Street Could Talk is given odds of 21/4 at Fun88 and SportPesa and looks a much better bet. Betting on the Bradley Cooper-directed drama will give you almost nothing back in return for your bet, so you best look elsewhere. Who knows – maybe you’ll be so lucky to have your pick win in this category.

Who’ll Win in the Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture Category?

christian bale
Christian Bale

With 6 nominations, Vice sits alone at the top of the list of multiple nominees. However, it’s not a bookie favourite in each category. For example, it is only third in the Best Musical or Comedy category at bookies, sitting behind Green Book and The Favourites. Vice is being given odds of 49/10 at Fun88 and SportPesa, and 2/1 at LV BET and EnergyBet. In comparisons, Green Book and The Favourite have 11/10 and 19/10 respectively at SportPesa and Fun88.

With odds of 49/20, Vice surely doesn’t look like the main favourite. However, many Hollywood figures have tipped it as the winner in this category, so maybe it’s worth giving it a shot. The odds certainly look better than the first two favourites – a Vice win will bring you thrice the investment. So, place a reasonable bet on the movie with a star-studded cast and cross your fingers – you might be looking at a pretty nice payout in the end.

Can Christian Bale Win the Best Musical or Comedy Actor Globe?

Thanks to his performance as Batman and Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy, Christian Bale has become a household name around the world. The Welsh native has 3 Oscar nominations in his illustrious career so far, winning one of the famous statuettes. This year, movie critics are sure that he can win the award for Best Actor at the Golden Globes and possibly even an Oscar for his performance as Dick Cheney.

Bale leads the list of favourites at SportPesa and Fun88 with odds of 1/1 and 11/10 at LV BET and EnergyBet. He’s a heavy favourite in this category, coming in front of Viggo Mortensen (Green Book), Robert Redford, John C. Reilly, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. At evens odds, Bale may even be the punter’s choice, considering the fact that he has earned rave reviews for his role in Vice.

If you think the same, betting on Bale will double your investment, which isn’t great but isn’t bad at all.

Bradley Cooper for Best Drama Actor?

bradley cooper
Bradley Cooper

It seems that this could be the year of Bradley Cooper, the director and lead role in A Star Is Born. Although he’s already an award-winning actor, this is Cooper’s directorial debut, and it may end up being quite a successful one. A Star Is Born is in pole position to win numerous Golden Globes categories, including the Best Drama Actor.

Cooper is available at 2/5 at SportPesa, EnergyBet, Fun88, and LV BET. He’s coming in right in front of Remi Malek, whose unforgettable performance in the disappointing Bohemian Rhapsody evoked fond memories of Freddie Mercury. Malek is second with odds of 5/2, which means that Cooper is most likely to get the award.

However, Malek’s odds are better from a punter’s point of view. If you like a bit of challenge, we’d go with him. After all, Freddie Mercury and Queen are a huge draw for the public, and Remi Malek definitely deserves the award. Place a bet on him, and it’ll bring you more than 3 times your stake should the Egyptian actor win.

Who’ll Be Crowned the Best Director?

Even though Vice and A Star Is Born are leading the list of nominees, their directors are not the favourites in the Best Director category. Bookies have put Cooper and McKay on the 2nd and 3rd spot on the list, with Alfonso Cuaron (Roma) leading the way. Cuaron is an accomplished director nominated for 6 Academy Awards, so he’ll surely be tough to beat.

His new film Roma got great reviews, with critics considering it their favourite for the Oscars as well. Cuaron is available for 2/5 at Fun88 and SportPesa, and 1/2 at EnergyBet and LV BET. Compared to him, Cooper is being given 13/5, while Adam McKay’s odds in this category stand at 39/4. Both are looking much better than Cuaron’s, so if you think that they deserve a shot, we wouldn’t argue with you.

Vice and A Star Is Born are major favourites for the upcoming Golden Globes and the Oscars, so they may probably end up winning more prizes than Cuaron’s Roma. It remains to be seen who’ll snatch the best director globe.