Denmark General Election – Next Prime Minister Betting and Odds Preview

Denmark General Election - Next Prime Minister Betting and Odds PreviewThe next general elections in the Kingdom of Denmark will be held on June 17, 2019 or before and will elect 179 members of the Folketing as well as a new Prime Minister. The previous elections were held in 2015, with centre-right party Venstre forming a minority government after the Blue bloc secured a tight win over the Red bloc parties. Lars Lokke Rasmussen became Prime Minister that year, but times have changed in the meantime, with parties from the centre-left Red bloc, especially the Social Democrats, becoming the odds-on favourite for the next Danish general elections.

Lokke Rasmussen’s position as Prime Minister has never been quite secure. After securing a narrow majority in the Danish Parliament (90:89 seats), it was clear that the Red bloc partiers led by the Social Democrats will push for changes and aim to win the next general elections. With less than a year until the elections, most Danes give their support to Mette Frederiksen from the Social Democrats, lowering Lokke Rasmussen’s chances of getting re-elected.

Venstre’s majority in the Folketing was on hollow ground for a long time now, with experts and people asking for a change. It was clear that the Social Democrats and their leader Mette Frederiksen will lead the polls before the elections considering the fact that Venstre has been losing its strong support for years now. Frederiksen, the former Danish Minister of Justice, has confirmed that the Social Democrats will not form a coalition government with traditional ally Social Liberals, which came as a surprise for many. For experts, though, it deepens the row between the parties, which was obvious during the Folketing’s final debates before the summer recess.

On the other hand, Lars Lokke Rasmussen still has good chances of getting another term, even though his support has faltered. It remains to be seen if Denmark is really headed for a change, or Venstre will continue their political dominance.

Event Date: 17 June 2019

Mette Frederiksen – the People’s Choice

Mette Frederiksen
Mette Frederiksen

Mette Frederiksen and the Social Democrats have held a slight lead over Lokke Rasmussen in almost every poll this year. Even with all the controversy about losing support from traditional allies, polls have shown that the Social Democrats and Frederiksen have about the same level of support as in 2015. With a strict change in their political course by announcing stricter policies on immigration and preferring a minority over a majority government, the polls are surprising but most likely accurate.

At the moment, Mette Frederiksen is primed to become the new Danish PM, with bookies giving her a slight lead over her main rival Lars Lokke Rasmussen. Ole777, Fun88, BetEast, and SportPesa are giving Frederiksen odds of 5/6, which, you must agree, are not attractive at all from a punter’s point of view.

With more than 6 months to go until the elections, a change in the political ‘winds’ is not unheard of. Lokke Rasmussen may be lagging behind, but his odds look a bit better, which is about the only thing that may prevent punters from betting on Frederiksen’s huge chances.

How Does Lokke Rasmussen Hold Up?

Lars Lokke Rasmussen
Lars Lokke Rasmussen

Although Frederiksen is in the lead and Lokke Rasmussen is right behind her, it’s fair to say that both have suffered a blow in popularity recently. The margin has been indicated as small in several polls, although the majority of people said they would vote for a different candidate altogether. Lokke Rasmussen’s enjoyed a small bump of popularity not long ago, although it’s not big enough to overtake Mette Frederiksen as the main favourite.

Denmark’s current Prime Minister is the second favourite for the upcoming general elections – Lars Lokke Rasmussen is available at even money odds at SportPesa, BetEast, Ole777, and Fun88. At 1/1, his odds are better than Frederiksen, but only by a bit. However, due to the recent popularity bump and the Social Democrat’s recent surprising decisions, many experts believe that Lokke Rasmussen will retain his seat.

If you believe so as well, a bet on the current Danish PM will bring you double the money in return, which is better than getting nothing at all.

Kristian Jensen – a Rising Threat to Frederiksen’s Chances?

Kristian Jensen
Kristian Jensen

Kristian Jensen is a surprising bookie addition to the list of next Danish PM favourites considering the fact that he’s a member of Venstre led by current Prime Minister and obvious candidate Lars Lokke Rasmussen. However, the general elections have not been made official yet, so everything could change pretty quickly. Jensen is an up-and-coming politician (currently Denmark’s Minister of Finance) who is widely tipped to become Venstre’s new leader soon. If he overthrows Lokke Rasmussen in the coming months, he will surely be bumped up the list.

Jensen is currently available at 9/1 at Fun88, Ole777, SportPesa, and BetEast. Vestre’s vice president is generally seen as a smart politician who could lead Denmark to a new age of glory. He enjoys stellar reputation in Denmark and could end up being a serious threat to Frederiksen if he steps in for Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

At 9/1, Jensen is a great option for all punters, so don’t miss the chance to potentially earn a lot of money should he enter the race.

Kristian Thulesen Dahl – the Darkhorse Favourite

Kristian Thulesen Dahl
Kristian Thulesen Dahl

Kristian Thulesen Dahl is the leader of the right-wing People’s Party who was widely believed to become Prime Minister of Denmark in 2015. He refused the notion that he was in play for Danish PM, although he enjoyed quite the support from fellow politicians and the people as well. Even though he might still refuse to enter the Prime Minister race once again, bookies have placed him as a fourth favourite, right behind Kristian Jensen. Sure, Dahl’s odds don’t exactly instil belief that he might win, but considering the growing support for the People’s Party leader, he could surprise Europe.

Kristian Thulesen Dahl is available at odds of 16/1 at Ole777, BetEast, Fun88, and SportPesa. He’s kind of a dark horse favourite in the PM race, and could bring you a nice return of investment should he end up winning. His stance on refugee immigration policies, however, will play a large part in his chances to become the new Danish PM.

Dahl’s controversial comments about Muslim refugees and Islam didn’t win him many favours, but he still stands as one of the most popular politicians in Denmark.