F1 Singapore GP 2018 Odds Preview

formula 1This year’s Formula One season turned out to be quite the ride. With Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel trading places at the top spot every couple of weeks, it offered plenty of excitement and drama for both Ferrari and Mercedes fans. At the moment, Hamilton is leading the standings with a clear 30 points, but that could change soon if Vettel gets back to his winning ways.

We’re getting close to the end of the season and there was a lot of spectacular action up until now. Except for Verstappen and Ricciardo, Hamilton and Vettel have won all the races. Next in line is the Singapore Grand Prix, a race where Vettel has a great record and where another win for the German can help him close the gap between him and Hamilton. Ferrari’s fans are eager for a new title and this season’s improvements on Ferrari’s racing car have given Vettel everything he needs to compete with Hamilton.

The Singapore GP is one of the most challenging races in the season. Driven in extreme conditions where temperatures in the cockpit often reach 60°C, the race starts at midday, although even this doesn’t kill the heat. The race is the first Asian street race in F1 and is held at the Marina Bay Circuit since 2015. The race will be on the F1 calendar until at least 2021 or beyond. In the past 10 years, each Singapore Grand Prix has featured a safety car, which shows how challenging it is.

In 2017, Lewis Hamilton won the Singapore GP after overtaking Vettel’s pole position. Vettel didn’t finish the race and lost precious points, allowing Hamilton to extend his lead at the top. However, Vettel holds the record for most wins at the Marina Bay Circuit with 4, with his last one coming in 2015. The German certainly knows the circuit by heart and will undoubtedly be looking to cut Hamilton’s lead on September 16.

Will Vettel Get Back to Winning Ways?

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

A few races ago, Vettel was sitting at the top of the driver’s standings, looking to consolidate his lead over the sluggish Hamilton. However, an accident at the German GP and poor driving at Hungaroring have cost him points that allowed Hamilton to overtake the top spot. The German later won at the Belgian GP and was hoping to win in Monza in front of Ferrari’s fans, yet he disappointed and had to satisfy for the fourth spot.

It’s clear that Vettel isn’t allowed to make any more mistakes if he plans on getting back to the top spot and fighting for the title. Thanks to his record at the Singapore GP, bookies have made Vettel the favourite ahead of the race. Fun88 and SportPesa are giving the German 21/20. LV BET and EnergyBet have him at 6/5, while GentingBet gives Vettel odds of 5/4. They’re all similar, so you can just pick a bookie and go with it if you think Vettel will win the exciting race.

These odds are quite appealing, and it seems that bookies are convinced that Sebastian Vettel will win the race. He needs these points to stay in the hunt for the title and considering the fact that he’s one of the best drivers Formula One has seen, we believe he has what it takes. Place a bet on Vettel and you will double your investment if he stays on the top spot until the end.

Will Lewis Hamilton Extend His Lead?

If Lewis Hamilton repeats his 2017 success at the Singapore GP, it will be another big blow for Ferrari and Vettel. After years of failure, it seemed like this is Ferrari’s year considering Vettel’s furious start. However, bad decisions in the races and a few accidents have dropped the German on the second spot, letting Hamilton sit comfortably at the top position in the driver’s standings.

Just like Vettel, Hamilton will go down as one of the best drivers in F1 history. Their rivalry is similar to the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo or Pele and Maradona before them. They’re both great champions with only tiny differences in quality. Should Hamilton win the Singapore GP, Vettel’s title window will start closing. This time, the German is the favourite for the race, with Hamilton sitting behind him.

At the moment, Hamilton has unfavourable odds of 16/5 at SportPesa and Fun88, 33/10 at EnergyBet and LV BET, and 10/3 at GentingBet. These odds are unfavourable for the driver but great for punters. Betting on Hamilton to win will quadruple your investment, which is much better than doubling it. The Englishman certainly has the quality to win, so why not go with him?

Max Verstappen – a Singapore GP Darkhorse

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Is there anyone who can ruin Vettel’s and Hamilton’s plans for the Singapore GP? This year, only Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen have managed to win races besides the top 2 drivers in the championship, and according to bookies, Verstappen has the quality to win the upcoming race in Asia.

Max Verstappen has been having a stellar season – he managed to win the Austrian GP and appeared on the podium a few more times. He won’t win the trophy this year, but he’s clearly one for the future. Verstappen has been given quite favourable odds for the Singapore GP – he’s breathing down Hamilton’s neck with odds of 15/4 at SportPesa and Fun88, and 4/1 at GentingBet, LV BET, and EnergyBet.

This means that the young Dutch driver certainly has the skills to win the race in front of the two favourites. If he does it, he’ll surely spoil Vettel and Hamilton’s plans, but at least he’ll show he should be taken seriously. Bet on Verstappen and you’ll be looking at a large payout.

Does Any Other Driver Pose a Threat?

Other than Verstappen, the other drivers on the list are not considered a threat to Vettel and Hamilton. For example, Daniel Ricciardo sits at the #4 spot with odds of 5/1 at Fun88 and SportPesa, and 11/2 at EnergyBet, LV BET, and GentingBet.

Kimi Raikkonen is another driver who could pose a threat, although they aren’t considered favourites. The Iceman has been given odds of 13/2 by SportPesa and Fun88, 7/1 by GentingBet, EnergyBet, and LV BET. If we had to pick one driver who could win the Singapore GP, we’d probably go with Raikkonen. He’s a former Formula One champion and a pretty experienced driver who isn’t giving up despite his age – he’s currently sitting third in the driver’s standings.

Beyond Raikkonen, we don’t really see another driver who might be able to win the race. Valtteri Bottas is always there to stir things up, but with his odds all over the place (11/2 at SportPesa and Fun88; 12/1 at LV BET and EnergyBet; 14/1 at GentingBet) even bookies aren’t sure that he could win the race.

Further down the list, no one really stands a chance of winning the Singapore GP unless a miracle happens, so stick with the drivers that sit near the top of the list.