Formula 1 – Drivers Championship 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

formula 1With another season of exciting Formula One racing behind us, we look forward to seeing more action in the coming year. We’ve seen great races in the first half of the last season and a largely disappointing second half. That’s mostly due to the brilliant Lewis Hamilton, with the Brit dominating the second part of the season and winning the title yet again.

Formula One is the premier high-octane racing for open-wheel custom-built cars in the world. Since 1950, F1 has seen many champions grace the tracks with their presence. The list includes the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio, Michael Schumacher, and Lewis Hamilton in more recent times. In the past decade or so, the Brit and German driver Sebastian Vettel have established incredible dominance in the driver’s championship – Vettel has won 4 consecutive titles (2010, 11, 12, 13), while Hamilton won his record 5th title this season.

Although many experts think it will be years before we see other drivers challenging the powerful duo, young drivers such as Max Verstappen have had great showings in the past season. This brings hope to many that the Hamilton hegemony is coming to an end, although bookies certainly won’t make the young Dutchman the favourite.

Next year, we expect to see more of Verstappen and other drivers such as the returning Robert Kubica and Ferrari’s new hope Charles Leclerc. Kubica is coming back to F1 after spending years away from it, with many seeing him winning at least a few races. Other drivers will surely try and ruin Hamilton’s plans as well. Daniel Ricciardo is coming off one of his best seasons, and the ever-present Kimi Raikkonen should never be disregarded. A wild ride awaits us in 2019, and we hope the upcoming F1 season will bring much-welcomed thrills and excitement.

Event Date: 17 March – 1 December 2019

Lewis Hamilton – the Favourite Once Again

lewis hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

The bookie favourite to win the title in 2019 is Lewis Hamilton, and there’s no fault behind it. The Brit has dominated the Formula One championship in the past few years, winning the last 2 titles. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that he won’t be somewhere near the top (or the top itself) unless a miracle happens.

This is reflected in the odds. Hamilton’s the top favourite at LV BET and EnergyBet with odds of 5/7, as well as 20/29 at Fun88 and SportPesa. The closest competitor he has at these bookies is Sebastian Vettel of course, but as you will see below, there’s a huge gap between their odds. This means one thing – that bookies believe Hamilton will march his way to the trophy and move a title closer to Schumacher’s record.

From a punter’s point of view, however, Hamilton’s odds are not attractive. They might have looked solid for a race, but 5/7 for a championship winner is a bit low. This only shows how dominant the Brit has become. Paired with what’s most likely the best car in the championship, Hamilton will no doubt be the main favourite at any race he enters.

Can Sebastian Vettel Bring Ferrari Back Where it Belongs?

Ferrari fans have been waiting for a new title for a long time. When the Italian team signed Vettel back in 2015, images of glory and Michael Schumacher were instantly on many fans’ minds, only to be broken not a few years later. It’s not that Vettel didn’t have chances to capture the trophy – it’s just that the cars produced by the Italian giant have been underperforming.

In order to compete with Hamilton, Vettel needs to have the best possible car at his disposal. Now, Ferrari has done a great job with the car this past season, making it more competitive than before, but it was still lagging a bit behind Hamilton’s car. Unfortunately, Vettel’s mistakes took a toll on Ferrari’s season, leaving fans disappointed again.

Still, he’s the Brit’s most dangerous foe, and we have no doubt that the German will try his best to win the title once again. At the moment, Vettel is available at 33/10 at SportPesa, LV BET, Fun88, and EnergyBet. After enjoying a great start to the 2018 season, everyone expects Sebastian Vettel to be at his best for the upcoming season, and he’s surely raring to go. After a long wait, this could be Ferrari’s and Vettel’s year, and with odds of 33/10, you could profit nicely off it.

The Rise of Max Verstappen

max verstappen
Max Verstappen

Red Bull’s young Dutch driver Max Verstappen has enjoyed quite a fruitful season. He finished 4th in the driver’s standings and also won a pair of races, announcing his imminent arrival in bookie favourite land. His incredible driving abilities have impressed legends of the sport, with no one doubting that Verstappen is the new face of Formula One.

After several excellent performances during 2018, Verstappen has risen to the 3rd spot on the list of bookie favourites for the upcoming Formula One season. The Dutch driver is expected to torment Vettel and Hamilton even more this season, and should his car be improved, he may even challenge for the title. The odds certainly reflect that – Max Verstappen comes right after Sebastian Vettel at most bookies. He’s available at 9/2 at Fun88, LV BET, SportPesa, and EnergyBet, which means he’s not that far off Vettel.

At those odds, you stand of winning great money for a sizeable bet. At the moment, we’re not really sure that Verstappen can pull this incredible feat off, but he will definitely be a thorn in Hamilton and Vettel’s side. With Lady Luck on his side, however, who knows – miracles have been known to happen.

A Surprising Addition to the List of Favourites

Besides Verstappen, another young driver has quietly enjoyed a great season – Charles Leclerc. Although he wasn’t even close to Verstappen when it comes to points, he gradually improved as the season went. His best position was 7th place (4 times), which was as good as any recommendation for Ferrari. The young Monegasque driver was signed by the Maranello team just before the season ended, placing him besides 4-time champion Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel’s experience will be of incredible value to young Leclerc. Being only 21, Lehe erc still has a lot to learn, but his move to Ferrari came at the right time. He’ll no doubt learn from the best in the business and hone his driving skills, which may make him a future champion.

Right now, Leclerc is on the surprising 4th spot on the list of bookie favourites, with odds of 9/1 at most operators including LV BET, SportPesa, Fun88, and EnergyBet. Of course, these odds don’t make him a clear favourite, but just being placed behind the leading trio is an indicator of Charles Leclerc’s quality. We’re surely excited to see him in the white and red uniform.