ICC World Cup 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

icc world cupThe ICC Cricket World Cup is the premier international championship for One Day Cricket organized by the International Cricket Council. The championship is held every 4 years and is considered the flagship event on the international cricket calendar. It is the most prestigious tournament organized by the ICC and includes qualification rounds and a finals tournament.

The ICC Cricket World Cup started in 1975 in England, four years after One Day Cricket matches were introduced. Similar tournaments have been held since the beginning of the XX century, although for Test cricket matches between England, Australia, and South America. The first 3 World Cups were held in England, and from 1987 onward, 14 ICC members are rotating as hosts. Each of these countries has hosted the ICC World Cup at least once.

The highest-ranked teams on the ICC list receive automatic qualification for the World Cup, while the other members of the Council qualify through the ICC World Cup Qualifiers and the World Cricket League. Most of the tournaments were played between 20 teams, but the number has reduced in recent times, with only 14 teams competing in 2015 and only 10 taking part in 2019.

The 2019 ICC World Cup will be hosted by England and Wales, held across a number of venues between 30 May and 14 July 2019. The qualified nations are the host England, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, West Indies, and South Africa. Besides being the most televised event on the international cricket calendar, the ICC World Cup also generates a lot of interest from punters, who see it as a great way of earning quick money.

Many cricket betting sites have already started offering odds for the 2019 ICC World Cup due to heavy interest. England and India are joint-favourites at most bookies, but Australia and South Africa’s odds look great as well. The upcoming World Cup will be one of the most exciting by far, and we’re eager to see who’ll lift the trophy in July 2019.

Event Date: 30 May – 14 July 2019

Can England Finally Win the Trophy?

englandAustralia is the leading nation with the most trophies in the ICC World Cup with 5 titles – after the Aussies, only India and the West Indies have more than a title. Surprisingly, England, the cradle of cricket, has yet to win a World Cup. The Brits have hosted the ICC World Cup on a number of occasions, including the first 3 tournaments, yet they still haven’t been able to bring the trophy home. Their only consolation prizes up to now are 3 runner-up finishes, which is not good enough for fans of the Three Lions.

However, England’s national team was never as strong as the current team, which is why bookies consider them joint-favourites with India for the upcoming World Cup. England is available at 5/2 at BetEast and Fun88, and 20/7 at LV BET and EnergyBet. With these odds, the Three Lions will undoubtedly be a favourite among punters, as their odds offer a return of more than 3 times the investment.

If you ask us, England’s odds and chances for the upcoming World Cup are great. With the great James Anderson in the team and stars such as Joe Root, England can finally lift the ICC World Cup trophy, which has been a long time coming. Place a reasonable bet on the Three Lions, and you’ll have many things to be happy about by the time the final ends.

India – England’s Biggest Threat

indiaIndia’s cricket national team is joint-second most successful in the tournament, winning 2 titles just like the West Indies. Their most recent win at the ICC World Cup was in 2011 when India defeated Sri Lanka in the final. After falling to eventual champions Australia in the semi-finals in 2015, India has been made joint-favourite with England for the upcoming World Cup, with many experts supporting the opinion of bookies.

Sharing England’s odds (5/2 at BetEast and Fun88, 20/7 at EnergyBet and LV BET), India is surely a heavy favourite for the trophy. Bookies and experts believe that the Indian national team won’t make the same mistakes from the previous tournament, and punters are hoping they’re right. Placing a nice bet on India will get you almost 4 times in return if they lift the trophy, which is quite the return in our opinion.

Most experts think that England and India are almost sure to face each other in the final unless a miracle happens. This shows that both national teams are major favourites for the 2019 ICC World Cup, so if we were you, we’d look no further.

Can Australia Win Their 6th Title?

australiaThe Aussies are the leaders in ICC World Cup titles, currently holding 5. Their most recent win came in 2015 when they won the final in Melbourne against New Zealand. Australia has dominated the tournament for years – their first win came in 1987, and they’ve won 4 out of the last 5 World Cups (1999, 2003, 2007, 2015) with only India splitting their hot streak (2011). It’s clear that Australia is one of the world’s cricket juggernauts, but this time, they’re not the heavy favourite.

Australia is being given odds of 11/2 at BetEast and Fun88, and 51/10 at LV BET and EnergyBet, good enough for a third favourite. The thing is, you never know with the Aussies. They’ve been dominating the World Cup for the past 20 years, and some experts would even pick them for the 2019 ICC World Cup over England and India.

The odds are certainly enticing – at 11/2 and 51/10, an Australia win in the final will bring you more than 5 times your investment, which, you must agree, sound like a great deal.

South Africa – a Brand New Champion?

south africaAlthough it’s quite obvious that the fight for the trophy will be between England, Australia, and India, there’s one challenger whose odds are not that far away from Australia that comes as a surprise – South Africa. South Africa is currently the 4th favourite for winning the 2019 ICC World Cup, which, we must say, surprised us as well.

One would expect for Sri Lanka or New Zealand to be in the running considering their previous record in the tournament, but it seems that bookies are favouring the South Africans over everyone else. At the moment, South Africa’s odds are 13/2 at Fun88 and BetEast, and 36/5 at LV BET and EnergyBet.

Those odds are far from the odds of a favourite, but enough as a dark horse. By placing the South African team that high on the list of favourites, bookies are attracting the attention of many punters. If you place a bet on South Africa and they win, you could be looking at a great payout.