Guide to Online Betting Payment Methods

Interested in some of the most effective online betting payment methods? This article is aiming at introducing the various payment options for your best possible gambling experience.

Visa Card

Betting Payment Methods

Arguably one of the most commonly used, and seen, payment methods, this debit card provider is well known to all walks of players. When using this form of payment option, there will be no charges to your transfer, with users able to both deposit and withdraw when using Visa. In addition to this, a wider array of currencies are permitted, including that of SEK, CAD, and NZD. During the process of a transfer, Visa use will mean that the you will activate Verified Visa Service. You will be unable to deposit and/or withdraw funds unless you pass verification. Lastly, the minimum deposit is £10, while £20 will be necessary for withdrawals, with the latter of these two secure payment options take up to five business days to complete.


Betting Payment MethodsIn a similar fashion to Visa, Mastercard follows a lot of the same rules, only this time you’ll be presented with 3DSecure when moving around your money. However, far beyond that, the process of banking is the same, with all customers subject to no fees when transferring their money, save perhaps from the payment providers themselves. As this is another well known method, Mastercard applies the same range of currencies – that of GBP, EUR, and CAD – here, as too are the minimum asks of £10 and £20. The key difference with Mastercard is that withdrawal can’t be made with this payment option, with the transfer either completed by using bank transfer or an accepted credit/debit card brand, like Visa.


Betting Payment MethodsMoving onto online payment methods now, Neteller is known for its speed, it’s easy to understand why it’s favoured. You’ll be able to deposit with a minimum of £10 and withdraw with a minimum of £20. Both types of processes are free of any banking charges. You’ll find that this is one of the more flexible means of banking for those looking to transfer cash in anything other than GBP. This is because CAD, NZD, and EUR are permitted also. The only restrictive aspect of this payment option is that you have to withdraw funds not only to Neteller itself but to the same Neteller account you deposited with. Should any issues with payments arise, you have to contact Neteller about it and not the bookmaker using it.


Betting Payment MethodsSkrill, as well as Skrill 1-Tap, is what some of you may have previously known as Money Bookers. If this is the case, know that most of the processes remain the same as before. This, like Neteller, is one of the online payment options that allows for much speedier transactions. The deposit and withdrawal amounts are sticking to the same confines as what we’ve previously mentioned. The only element of this form of payment you need to be aware of, is that withdrawals can take up to three days to clear, whereas deposits are known for being instantaneous. What is more, just like with Neteller, only a withdrawal to the same account as the one you made the deposit from is allowed.


Betting Payment MethodsDespite a lot of people regarding paysafecard as an ewallet, it’s actually more like a voucher payment. You are only able to gain the codes provided from specific outlets. Nonetheless, while we wouldn’t say it’s the most accessible, it has still become one of the most loved means of moving your money around, particularly in relation to deposits. All users will have to make a deposit of at least £10. The most they can allocate is a small but acceptable £200. In regards to withdrawals, you must use the same email address for the bookmaker you’re playing with and paysafecard, otherwise you’ll run into issues. Finally, this form of payment is accessible to multiple countries and currencies, such as EUR, GBP, and CAD.


Betting Payment MethodsThis way of banking is one of the more restrictive methods, at least when it comes to which countries can utilise its services, as only those in Germany, Sweden, the UK, and Ireland can use it. It’s neither a debit card or ewallet, but sort of acts as a third person banking system, in which all transactions are always free of charge. No one needs to register an account in order to use its services. Customers only need to use the same details they do when carry out their regular online banking. For all intents and purposes, it seems one of the least complicated of all payments. The only real catch is that weekend transfers can be delayed when using this method. As with all of the above options, the minimum amounts remain the same. The processing times are identical, although the enabled currencies are less, with only EUR, GBP, and SEK accepted.


Betting Payment MethodsFor those of you who frequently shop online, the name PayPal is one that virtually every single website offers these days. Although not exclusive to the UK market, bookmakers will only allow UK players to utilise its services. As this is an ewallet you will have your own account. When making a transaction, users will arrive at the PayPal website. Then they go back to the bookmaker once the transfer is complete. PayPal applies fees to some transactions. It’s best to read up on their policies before using this service.


Betting Payment MethodsJust like with PayPal, this is a payment method exclusive to specific members, only this time it’s for customers in Sweden and Finland. The beauty of this option is that payments allegedly cross over within 20 seconds or under, with you barely needing to do much legwork beforehand. However, while convenient for deposits, when making a withdrawal, users will have to use a bank transfer service instead of zimpler.


Hope that this list of payment methods was comprehensive enough and it will provide you enough information for your ultimate betting experience.