The Ashes Betting Odds

the ashesThe Ashes is the premier test cricket match on the cricket calendar played between two national teams – England and Australia. The series is administered by the International Cricket Council and has been established in 1882. The term The Ashes has quite an interesting story behind it, rooted in Australia’s first win on English soil.

In 1882, Australia defeated England for the first time at The Oval when a British newspaper called The Sporting Times released an obituary stating that cricket has died, and the ashes are taken to Australia, referring to Australia’s surprising win over England. Since then, the term stuck and the series was named after it, especially after the 1882-83 series when English captain Ivo Bligh famously vowed to “regain those ashes”.

Bligh also presented the first The Ashes trophy – it’s an urn that fits the name of the series. Although it never became the official trophy, replicas of the urn are commonly held by victorious teams in the series. The team that most recently won the series is the current holder of The Ashes – whenever the match ends in a tie, the current holder retains the urn.

The Ashes are traditionally played in five Tests, hosted by both participants every couple of years. Since 1882, there have been 70 Ashes, with the Aussies being the more successful nation with 33 titles, trumping England trophies by one. Draws are quite a rarity in the Ashes, with only five series ending that way.

The Ashes 2019 Betting and Odds Preview

A new series is due in 2019, with Australia winning the last series comfortably with 4-0. The series was played in Australia in 5 different venues between November 2017 and January 2018, with England entering the series as the defending holders of The Ashes. They were the favourite at many bookies at the time but ended up handing the urn to the new holders.

The upcoming series will be held in September 2019 in England, where the hosts will try and regain those ashes once again.

Event Date: 1 August – 16 September 2019


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Cricket takes a central part among the many sports in Fun88’s extensive offer. Fun88 offers betting on many upcoming cricket tournaments including the World Cup, Twenty20 World Cup, and of course, The Ashes. The interesting part is that England and Australia have almost the same chances of winning the upcoming series, with England only slightly in the lead. Fun88 is giving the Brits odds of 11/10, while the Aussies stand at 23/20. Both are attractive enough for new and experienced punters – it just comes down to who you fancy. If you ask us, England’s in the lead just because they’re the hosts.

Fun88 also offers betting on a draw, which is the unlikeliest option, and the one with the highest odds. The odds for the draw are 5/1, but considering the fact that only 5 series have ended in a tie, we wouldn’t be so inclined to stake on it.


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Aside from a complete offer of the best European football leagues and other popular sports as well, SportPesa has included cricket in their offer, providing odds for the World Cup, Test Cricket Matches, and The Ashes. Nothing surprising about SportPesa’s odds, however – both England and Australia are given almost the same chances of winning the series. England is available at 11/10, while the Aussies are breathing in their neck with 23/20.

The third available outcome, the tie, is being given odds of 5/1. This option might catch your attention at first, but keep in mind that is the most unlikely option, which is why you better avoid it or place a small bet on it.


The Ashes Betting OddsLaunched in 2012, BetVision is an interesting bookie and casino offering great odds in the bookmaker area and great games from top casino providers. Including a lot of top sports in their offer and live betting as well, BetVision has quickly grown into one of the better bookies on the market, and we fully expect them to grow even bigger in the future.

Cricket is one of the many sports in BetVision’s offer, with the bookie providing odds for many cricket matches and markets, The Ashes included. England is the slight favourite once again with odds of 10/11, while the Aussies are behind with 23/20. Just like at other bookies, the draw is available at 5/1.

No matter who wins, you won’t make more than double your money should you place a bet on England or Australia. The draw is looking much better than the other options, but if we’re being honest, no one really expects the match to end in a tie. The Brits will do anything they can to equalize Australia’s number of titles, so if you ask us, we’d put our money on them.