Twenty20 Big Bash Betting and Odds

twenty20Cricket is among the most popular sports in Australia. As a sport, the bat and ball game has a few different formats which are popular in different countries. For example, the standard form of cricket are the test matches, which last for 5 days and have unlimited overs. The teams bat for two innings with unlimited length, which, we must all agree, can get a bit of boring. In order to make the sport more interesting, the England and Wales Cricket Board introduced a new form of cricket in 2003 known as Twenty20.

This form of cricket is significantly shorter as it’s restricted to a maximum of 20 overs (single innings per team), usually lasting for about 3 hours – this also means that it’s action-packed. The Twenty20 is highly popular in England and Australia. It is recognized by the International Cricket Council and is far more attractive to fans and viewers as it offers more excitement than the traditional cricket forms.

In Australia, The KFC Twenty20 Big Bash League was first introduced in 2005 as the main professional competition for Twenty20 cricket. Sponsored by the mega-popular fast-food chain of restaurants KFC, the league contained 6 teams and attracted a huge crowd. After the 2010-11 season, however, Cricket Australia decided to change the format of the competition and add two further teams, while also rebranding it to Big Bash League.

The competition is still sponsored by KFC and pretty similar to the previous league, although it now has 8 instead of 6 teams. The teams that are currently in the league are Perth Scorchers, who have won the title a record 3 times, Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Melbourne Stars, Melbourne Renegades, Sydney Thunder, Sydney Sixers, and Hobart Hurricanes. The BBL lasts from December to January and follows a double round robin and knockout format.

The competition has 59 matches in total – 56 in the regular season, 2 semi-finals and a final. This year’s competition will start on 19th December and is expected to be very exciting as bookies think that both the Strikers and Scorchers have equal chances for the title.

A Repeat on the Cards for the Strikers?

adelaide strikersThe Adelaide Strikers are without a doubt among the best teams in the BBL. Founded in 2001, the Adelaide team captained by Travis Head managed to win their first title last year, defeating the Hobart Hurricanes in an exciting final. Their most fierce opponents this year will be title record-holders Perth Scorchers, and interestingly enough, most bookies can’t separate the teams at all as title favourites.

RedZoneSports has the Strikers as the favourite for the title, but only slightly – they give the Adelaide outfit 15/4 odds over the Scorchers 4/1. The odds are the same at SportPesa and Fun 88, while LV BET and EnergyBet have decided to give both teams the same odds – 43/10.

This suggests that the upcoming season will be one to behold. With such great odds, punters can place a bet on either of the two favourites and win big. If you’ve been planning to wager on the Twenty20 Big Bash outright winner, you should place your wager as soon as possible. If the Strikers end up winning the title, and experts are sure they have a pretty good chance, you will get almost 5 times in return for your original stake. How’s that for a win?

Can the Scorchers’ Dominance Continue?

perth scorchersLast year wasn’t a good one for Scorcher fans. Their team was defeated by the Strikers in the semi-final narrowly (4 wickets) and their season ended in a heartbreak. This is not to say that the Scorchers are a weak team – after all, they’re not record-holders for no reason. This year, experts and bookies alike fully expect the Perth Scorchers to make it all the way up to the final and reclaim their throne.

After winning two back-to-back titles in 2013 and 2014, the Scorchers have failed to continue their dominance in the BBL, winning only one title since. They are always a threat for the throne, however, and this year, things are not different.

LV BET and EnergyBet have the Scorchers tied as the main favourite for the 2018-19 BBL – they sit at the top along the Strikers with odds of 43/10. Things are a bit different at Fun88, SportPesa, and RedZoneSports, where the Perth outfit is a slight underdog with odds of 4/1. No matter the bookie you pick for your wagering, if you bet on the Scorchers and they end up lifting the trophy, you’ll make quite nice money in return. Place a bet on them, and you’ll be looking at just a bit more than 5 times your investment, which certainly sounds nice.

Who Are the Underdogs?

melbourne renegadesBesides the Scorchers and Strikers who are rightfully considered title favourites, the other teams behind them are given quite lower chances. The Brisbane Heat and Melbourne Renegades come next on the list. The Heat are given odds of 5/1 at Fun88, SportPesa, and RedZoneSports, and 59/10 at LV BET and EnergyBet.

On the other hand, the Melbourne-based club has equal odds of 59/10 at LV BET and EnergyBet, and slightly higher odds (6/1) than the Brisbane outfit at SportPesa, Fun88, and RedZoneSports. The odds are quite appealing for punters, although we’re not really sure any of the teams have a shot at the title. The Strikers and the Scorchers are not considered favourites without a reason – they have the best teams in the BBL and will surely be somewhere near the top.

Of course, if any of them slip up, the Heat and Renegades have the best chances of winning the title, so if you think they have a shot, their odds are certainly appealing from a punter’s point of view.

brisbane heatAfter the Renegades and Heat, the Melbourne Stars and Hobart Hurricanes are next in line. The Stars stand at 13/2 at SportPesa, Fun88, and RedZoneSports, and 32/5 at EnergyBet and LV BET. The odds are even worse for the Hurricanes – they have 15/2 chances of winning the title at RedZoneSports, SportPesa, Fun88, LV BET and EnergyBet, which almost makes them an outsider.

A bit food for thought – let us remind you that the Hurricanes made the final last year, so should they really be dismissed?

The Outsiders

When it comes to the outsiders, the two Sydney outfits are placed dead last on the list. The Sixers are being given odds of 8/1 at SportPesa, RedZoneSports, and Fun88, and 43/5 at EnergyBet and LV BET.

The Thunder are the biggest outsider this year with odds of 10/1 at Fun88, SportPesa, and RedZoneSports, and 9/1 at LV BET and EnergyBet. Both teams have been ranked last for a reason – they haven’t fared great in the past few seasons. Both teams have won one title each, however, so maybe if a miracle happens, they’ll sit on the throne once again. If you happen to bet on them and the unthinkable happens, you’ll win a pretty nice sum of money.