UFC Kyung Ho Kang vs Ricardo Lucas Ramos Odds

UFC Kyung Ho Kang vs Ricardo Lucas Ramos OddsThe UFC 227 will be held on August 4, 2018, at the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles and will feature a few interesting fights that will definitely please fans of the sport. The headline event is between two-time and current bantamweight champion Dillashaw and former champion Garbrandt, which will be a rematch after T. J. Dillashaw won the first fight at the UFC 217 not a year ago.

Besides the headline bantamweight bout, most fans are also excited for the fight between Kang Kyung-Ho and Ricardo Lucas Ramos which is expected to be pretty close. Both fighters compete in the bantamweight division (57-61 kg.). Experts and fans are certainly looking forward to the bout which will certainly offer memorable moments.

Kyung-Ho is a South Korean MMA fighter in the Bantamweight division who’s coming off three wins in his last three matches. After taking two years off MMA for mandatory South Korean military service, Kyung-Ho returned to the ring at the start of 2018, defeating Guido Canneti via submission in the first round. He later won fights against Shunichi Shimizu and Michinori Tanaka, which shows that he’s obviously in great form.

On the other side of the ring, Ricardo Lucas Ramos will be looking to defeat the South Korean fighter, boasting an impressive 11 wins in his 12 UFC matches. Only 22 years old, the Brazilian is considered a hot prospect for the future and is currently undefeated in the UFC (11-1-0). The only loss in his career came at the Legacy FC 51 more than two years ago. Just like Kyung-Ho, Ramos is entering the match with 3 straight wins, which means that he’s in form just like the South Korean fighter.

Due to their great record and their impressive abilities, the Kyung-Ho vs. Ramos fight is expected to be very exciting.


UFC Kyung Ho Kang vs Ricardo Lucas Ramos OddsComeOn! is a bookie launched in 2009 that has since caught the attention of thousands of punters in the UK. The bookmaker has a long list of sports (including e-sports and virtual sports) you can place your bets on and an impressive list of sporting markets to go with it. Thanks to their great bonus specials (restricted to UK residents), ComeOn! has been the preferred bookie of many British punters and will continue being so for the foreseeable future.

The long list of sports featured on ComeOn! Sportsbook includes betting on MMA events such as the UFC 227 and the bout between Kyung-Ho and Ramos. Ricardo Lucas Ramos is the heavy favourite at this bookie with odds of 20/51, while his opponent stands at much more enticing odds of 19/10.

Although the odds are not close at all, the fight isn’t expected to be one-sided. Kang Kyung-Ho shouldn’t be written off so fast – he’s had an impressive run of form lately and is much more experienced than Ramos. Betting on the South Korean will nearly triple your investment, so why not give him a try?


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When it comes to the UFC 227, BetEast favours Ramos for the win, giving him odds of 2/5, which don’t really sound attractive. Kyung-Ho is being given odds of 99/50 which should excite most punters. Placing a bet on Ramos won’t bring you a substantial amount of money in return for your bet, but betting on the South Korean could fill your pockets, especially if you’re a high-roller. Unfortunately, BetEast doesn’t offer other markets for the fight, so you will have to stick to the winner market.


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Of course, Fun88 offers betting on MMA, specifically the UFC 227 fight between Kyung-Ho and Ramos. The Brazilian is again the heavy favourite, standing at odds of 10/27. The odds for Kang Kyung-Ho are much better-looking – you can back the South Korean at 9/5. And, although the bookie obviously favours Ramos, experts are not so sure that the fight will be one-sided. If you agree with this opinion, place a bet on Kyung-Ho and you will be possibly looking at thousands in return.


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Of course, the bookie offers betting on the Kyung-Ho vs. Ramos fight, giving the Brazilian better, yet unattractive odds for punters of 10/27. Kyung-Ho is being given odds of 9/5 which are far more attractive and probably the better option for a reasonable bet. The South Korean has experience on his side and surely won’t allow Ramos to get the better of him. Even though the odds say otherwise, you should consider Kyung-Ho and weigh your options carefully.


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Just like SportPesa, Ole777 considers Ricardo Lucas Ramos a heavy favourite for the fight against Kang Kyung-Ho. The Brazilian has odds of 10/27, while Kyung-Ho is being given odds of 9/5. It’s obvious that the latter’s odds are much more enticing for punters. Due to the lack of other markets for the bout, we suggest carefully reviewing your options. It may seem like Ramos is the favourite due to his age and almost impeccable record, but don’t forget the fact that Kyung-Ho is coming off three wins after 2 years of inactivity – that surely counts for something.