UFC 230 Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis Betting and Odds Preview

ufcDaniel Cormier is a huge favourite in the fight against his challenger Derrick Lewis in the heavyweight title defense fight at UFC 230. The match was hastily organized in a bid to have a high profile headline event for the UFC 230 card taking place on 3 November, but if what the fighters are saying is anything to go by than this match-up will likely be a real feast for MMA and UFC enthusiasts.

Bookmakers don’t seem to fancy Lewis’ chances even though he comes as the challenger here after a thrilling victory knockout against Alexander Volkov. After all, Daniel Cormier has done his fair share of fighting to get to where he is and he is unlikely to give away his light heavyweight championship belt that easily.

In this article we will take a look at what the bookmakers are offering for the Cormier vs Lewis fight and we will try to determine whether the favourite will triumph or if there is an upset on the cards.


lvbetLV BET is operated by Fairload Ltd. and is registered under the laws of the European Union member state of Malta. LV BET is a completely legitimate betting establishment and if you choose this betting operator for your Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis fight you will be in the right hands.

In addition to this, LV BET has some great promotions such as their welcome offer or their safe bet option. If you are betting on the Cormier vs Lewis fight for the first time with LV BET, you can be the benefactor of their 100% bonus up to €50.

When it comes to which fighter LV BET favours there is no doubt that Cormier is their preferred candidate for victory as they give him very low odds of 1/8 to triumph here. The 39-year-old heavyweight champion is a nailed on winner here and his record reading 21-1-0 really says it all.

If you fancy a riskier bet, you can back Lewis at 41/10, but be aware that there is a big probability that you are going to lose. Using LV BET’s safe bet option here is a very smart thing as you can get back up to €30 when you have a losing bet.


UFC 230 Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis Betting and Odds PreviewEnergyBet is operated by Probe Investments Limited and is registered under the laws of Malta and its gaming and gambling authority. This is enough to convince even the most safety-first oriented punters to place their bets at EnergyBet.

EnergyBet has various sport related bonuses, but the only one that you can use for the Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis fight is their 100% up to €200 welcome bonus. That is ofcourse if this is your first bet with EnergyBet.

In terms of which fighter is the favourite, it goes without saying that Daniel Cormier is expected to defend his heavyweight title successfully and EnergyBet share that sentiment as well, and as a result have given him miniscule odds of 1/8 to do that.

On the other hand, the challenger, the 33-year-old Derrick Lewis will have to give his best shot here, but even that might not be good enough as he is punching so far above his weight that even the odds of 41/10 don’t seem to be high enough.


fun88Fun88 is a reputable sports betting operator which regularly comes out with the best MMA betting offer. This sports betting operator is licensed and registered by the UK Gambling Commission and as such is one of the safest sports betting operators out there.

Furthermore, Fun88 provides punters with various bonuses and promotions and one such promotion which you can use for the Cormier vs Lewis fight is their ACCA Protection promotion with which you protect your betting slip as you receive a bonus token if one selection lets you down.

When it comes to the fight itself, Cormier, also known as DC, is once again a huge favourite and is given even shorter odds of 2/25. This means that the San Jose based fighter is expected to defeat his challenger without too much fuss. In fact, you would get similar odds to the ones given for Cormier’s victory if the fight is postponed, which really says a lot.

Lewis’ odds of 9/2 are a good indicator for his chances, but if you think that the fighter who comes fresh from two magnificent fights can cause an upset, then you have some great odds to work with.


mansionbetMansionBet is an internationally registered trademark which is operated by Mansion Europe Holdings and is registered by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. They provide UFC betting enthusiasts with a safe and reliable betting experience and if you are thinking of which betting operator to use for your Cormier vs Lewis wager, MansionBet is yet another exceptional choice.

You can boost your UFC 230 bet by also using some of MansionBet’s accumulator boost bets if you decide to combine the Cormier vs Lewis fight with other matches, and if this is your first bet with MansionBet, you can be the benefactor of a generous 50% extra up to €/$ 50 on your first deposit.

MansionBet seems to rate only one fighter in this bout and it is Daniel Cormier. The Lafayette born fighter took the UFC’s light heavyweight champion title after two tries and now seems reluctant to give it away. Because of this, and the huge difference in quality between him and his opponent MansionBet give Cormier odds of 2/25, while Lewis is rated as a big underdog and is given long odds of 9/2.


sportpesaSportPesa has made a name for itself recently by providing punters with a top quality betting experience, top notch betting offer, a reliable customer service, and state of the art safety mechanisms.

When you are betting on the Cormier vs Lewis fight at SportPesa you can expect to see pretty much the same odds which make Cormier the favourite and Lewis the outsider. However, miracles have happened before and it is not out of the question that Lewis might do something which will surprise the UFC world.

SportPesa give the Black Beast odds of 9/2 to upset the favourite, and if you take into account that Lewis’ life has been a metaphor for constant fighting to survive and getting out of difficult situations when all was bleak and hopeless, you might even see the case for his victory here in the face of adversity.

However, that can only happen if Cormier allows it and that seems very unlikely now. This means that the odds of 2/25 given to him are about right, especially when you take into account that he is not underestimating his opponent in any way.